Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Shanghai at David Jones

Late lunch at New Shanghai.
I remembered seeing the long line for this new restaurant
at the basement of David Jones in Brisbane City.
It was still quite busy at around 3 O'clock.
Then it can't be bad!
Oh... It can...
It is a CHINESE restaurant.
We were welcomed with the soy-sauce-soaked drink menu, first.
And then, we were sharing this sticky table with another customer.
All of these are not (that) bad things!
It's a perfect reminder of the days in China!
Thankfully, the food wasn't bad at all.
Actually, they were really good.
Deep-fried chicken was not greasy, but just crispy on skin, and moist inside. yum! :)
Dumplings were as good even though it wasn't the right style for me.
There were lots of other dumpling options, so when I (ever) get to miss my dizzy days in China,
I guess I can go back and try diffrent dishes!


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