Thursday, September 26, 2013


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dressing maxi skirt


I bought this FANTASTIC maxi skirt when I was down in Sydney.
And I am holding myself back from wearing this skirt everyday :)
I love the color, pattern, and the dramatic slits!!
Flower Jumper from American Apparel
Maxi skirt from Nunui
Wedge strap shoes from a little boutique in Korea

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Regatta Hotel in Brisbane

Regatta Hotel
Address: 543 Coronation Drive, Toowong Qld 4064
One of the greatest spots in Brisbane for a cool beer and nicer version of pub meals.
If you are in Brisbane, you should check our this place, for sure!!
I just wanted to get the photo of that sign,
and those Aussie boys wanted to be an addition to my photo.
Regatta Hotel during the day
Look at this woman!
She came back to work in just three days! keeping her baby in a basket under the bar!!!
Regatta is a perfect place for a breakfast, too!
They open at 6:30 A.M.!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More about me

Now I am (pretending to be) a more serious blogger,
I thought It will be nice to introduce myself (to my dear 'the only one' follower)!

I am JY, from South Korea, currently living in Brisbane, Australia.
And here are some more things about me!!

I am definitely a BEER DRINKER!

I admire the girls who can look so chic..... sipping Cosmopolitan... when they're out at a fancy bar.
Even though I also love to dress up in a nice coctail dress, cocktail is not my thing.
I need a good Aussie beer! Any time!

(Being a good beer drinker, and a beef eater) I would have made a good Aussie man......!!

I am an artist. (from the bottom of my heart)

I paint, (on canvas, and on my face :) oh, on my nails, too!)
I play (my Yamaha keyboard, more times my SY sewing machine from IKEA)

And I am an ultimate impulsive shopper!
(I believe that is the way to shop!)

I shop in Australia,
I shop in the States,
I shop in Korea, China, and in Japan (You know what? I have lived in all those countries!)

I love trying things in person, feel the texture and find the right fit, but online shopping has its magic charm to me!!!
Just a few clicks, and then it comes as a huge surprise! (I mean, knowing in fact, it was me who chose all those things...!)

I am going to blog mostly about my styling, shopping, and some beauty tips, but also I will blog about some great moments of my life with my fantastic hubby, B. (He is freaked about personal stuff being online, so you will only see his hair or toes.... haha.) Also, things I find interesting about my new Aussie life!

I hope you enjoy all these!

See you often! :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I love picnic! and I love picnic box!
I also love picnic season, although I dread how hot Brisbane summer will be this year...!

Top & Bottom from Outstanding Style
(I am getting ready to open my online clothing shop!)
Shoes: Wittner
Hat: H&M
Picnic basket: Picnic at Ascot

Never can miss a Champagne!
Having Champagne in sherry glasses is a new cool way of drinking. Of course, It didn't happen because I couldn't find Champagne glasses....!